Colorado Dept. of Agriculture; Inspection & Consumer Services

  • Utilizes AGRO EDI Standards: Yes
  • Oversees Grain Warehouse Statutes: Yes
  • Oversees Grain Dealer Statutes: Yes
  • Type of Producer Protection: Bond/Surety
The goal of the Commodity Warehouse Program is to insure the security of grain and beans held in safekeeping for Colorado producers and owners, and to assure them they will receive just compensation for their products, thus fostering a stronger agricultural economy and lower food prices for all consumers. This Program performs audits and inspections of all licensed commodity warehouses within Colorado. Thus, assuring producers that commodities held in bailment or under a negotiable warehouse receipt are being properly stored.

Phone: (303) 477-0054 • Fax: (303) 480-9236
Primary Contact: Gallegos, Mark


Mailing Address:
2331 W. 31st Avenue

Denver, CO 80211 USA

Physical Address:
2331 W. 31st Avenue

Denver, CO 80211 USA

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